Baited Brown Bear Hunts

Our baited brown bear and black bear hunts take place during the months of May and June.  These hunts are catered to bow hunters and stands and blinds are typically under 20 yards.  I believe this is by far the best opportunity for a bow hunter to harvest a P&Y bear.  Rifle hunters are also welcome on this hunt and you will live in a blind overlooking a salmon stream with bait.  The 7 rifle hunters we have taken have harvested 7 bears with an average skull of 26″.   I have baited bears my entire life and we have killed hundreds of brown and black bears over my baits.  All of the baits are in remote areas only accessible by supercub bush plane and we can hunt the same day we fly at registered bait sites!  I have camps setup within walking distance of each bait and I move hunters and their guide to active baits.  In most cases the camp will be set a mile or so across a river from the bait, and you will have to wade the river or raft across daily with your guide to hunt.  This insures that our camps do not disturb the bait sites.   All of the baits are equipped with trail cameras and checked daily to ensure you are hunting the best bears hitting the baits during your hunt.  We only run a handful of hunters a year on these hunts and every hunter has had multiple opportunities on, brown and black bears.  I estimate from past trail cam pics that I feed over 80 different brown bears and at least 150 black bears at my sites during the months of May and June.  The bag limit in this area for a nonresident is 2 brown bears and 3 black bears.  The baited brown bear hunt price includes 1 brown bear.  A second brown bear may be harvested on a trophy fee of $10,000 and black bears can be harvested for $1000 each.  If you wound a bear the trophy fee will be forfeited for that animal, or if you wish to be moved to another bait after harvesting your first brown bear, the trophy fee will be payed up front for the move.  Otherwise you may continue to hunt the same bait at no charge unless you shoot additional bears. Tags for additional bears must be purchased before the hunt.  Not included in the price of hunt is airfare to and from Anchorage Alaska, hotels before and after the hunt, license and tags, shipping of trophy home, and gratuity.  Bring your normal tree stand attire! Call for pricing and availability for black bear only hunts.  All bush flights are included in the price of hunt! Price for a baited brown bear hunt with 8 full nights of hunting is $20,000.


For this hunt, please fly into Anchorage Alaska 1-2 days before your scheduled hunt.  We recommend staying at the Lakefront Anchorage.  I will pick you up at the hotel or airport depending on the time of your flight arrival.  It is approximately a 1.5 hour drive to my home on an airstrip in Wasilla Alaska.  Once there I will sell you license and tags and do necessary paperwork for your hunt.  You will have time to repack your gear and shoot your bow.  Leave hard gun/bow cases and suitcases at my home.  It is then approximately a 1-1.5 hour flight to your camp depending on the location I choose for your hunt.  On the baited hunt you will likely head straight to the stand since we can legally hunt the same day we fly on my registered bait sites.  Remember, in June it is light 24 hours a day!  Hunt and enjoy for the next 8 days unless you tag out early!  I will pick you up the day after your scheduled hunt unless you are done hunting or choose to leave early.  We recommend and open ended ticket for your return flight or a departure of 2 days after your scheduled hunt.

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