Dall Sheep/Arctic Grizzly

Our dall sheep hunts take place on the south slopes of the Brooks Range.  Sheep Densities are high in this area and past success has been very good on old mature rams.  This hunt can be done either rifle or bow.  Our team of experienced guides are second to none, and have been on many successful sheep hunts.  For this hunt we utilize many undeveloped supercub strips primarily on ridge tops and gravel bars. We rarely hunt more than one hunter in the same location on any given year and between this practice and our extensive preseason scouting most our rifle sheep hunters harvest a ram within 3 days. These hunts are 8 days of actual hunting and typically 10-11 days in duration, if the hunt lasts to the end.  The hunt dates are August 10-17 or August 19-26.  For Example: If you were to book a sheep hunt for August 10-17, you would fly into Fairbanks Alaska on August 7th.  Stay the night in a hotel Pike’s Waterfront Lodge (877-774-2400). Then the morning of August 8th take Wright Air (907-474-0502) to Coldfoot Alaska.  Do not leave Fairbanks without all of your gear!  When you arrive in Coldfoot you will be greeted by one of my guides and driven 50 miles north to base camp.  At base camp you will meet your guide, go through food and equipment for your hunt, and shoot your rifle or bow.  I will sell you license and tags and do necessary paperwork for the hunt and if weather allows fly you in the same day.  From this point on it will be a backpack hunt.  Depending on location, you and your guide may choose to day hunt or carry everything with you and make a new camp each day.  If you harvest your ram early you can hunt grizzly bears at no additional cost until you shoot a bear. A grizzly tag must be purchased prior to the hunt and the trophy fee for grizzly is $5000. Otherwise I will pick you up early and bring you back to base camp.  At base camp we will cut, and freeze your meat and prepare your trophies.  I recommend an open ended ticket for your flight home otherwise plan on departing Fairbanks 2 days after the end of your scheduled hunt.  The average ram taken on this hunt is 9 years old, 35-37″ long and scores in the 150″ range, however we have harvested rams much larger!  Nonresident may only harvest one ram every 4 years.  Not included in price of hunt is airfare to and from Coldfoot Alaska, hunting license and tags, hotels before and after hunt, shipping of trophies home, and gratuity.  All bush flights are included!  Price for a 8 day hunt is $18,000.


Our grizzly hunts take place in the same area as the dall sheep hunts and logistics for the hunts are the same.  If you choose to do an archery only grizzly hunt you will hunt out of our base camp located along the Dalton Highway.  This area is archery only and has a very healthy population of bears.  It is not uncommon to glass multiple bears a day.  Being in shape for this hunt will greatly increase your chances of success as the bears are typically located on the hillsides among berry patches.  There is nothing more exciting than stalking into bow range on a hungry grizzly!  The equipment list is the same as the sheep hunt but you will only need a day pack if you choose to bow hunt.  If you choose a rifle grizzly hunt, I will fly you and your guide in and it will be a backpack hunt. You and your guide may still choose to day hunt from the location I drop you.  Grizzly can also be added to a dall sheep hunt at no additional cost until you shoot a bear!  I recommend all sheep hunters looking to kill a grizzly purchase a tag before their hunt.  Not included in the price of the hunt is airfare to and from Coldfoot Alaska, hunting license and tag, shipping of trophy home, hotels before and after the hunt, and gratuity.  All bush flights are included!  Price for an 8 day hunt is $14,000.

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