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“I have just finished my second brown bear hunt with Jonah Stewart. What a thrill. I went the year before, but was unsuccessful do to poor performance on my part. However, Jonah really seems to have his hunts dialed in and I did not hesitate to rebook. This time after seeing several bears, I made the shot on the ground at 13 yards with my longbow. If you are looking for this kind of hunt, Jonah is the man to contact as he knows his country and his bears like the proverbial back of his hand.”

 Tom V.

“I’ve hunted the Last Frontier for decades and I believe Jonah Stewart is one of the very best guide/outfitter in all of Alaska. His wealth of experience and ability seems to belie his age and that said, if tasked with setting up a hunt of a lifetime, Jonah would be my first call.”


Brown Bear Hunts

“An outfitted hunting experience can be phenomenal…… or terrible, depending on the outfitter you hire, especially in Alaska. I’ve personally been through both scenarios and can say without question, my future trips to Alaska will be with Jonah’s Alaskan Outfitters! I have done 3 hunts with Jonah and harvested 3 animals. His effort for your hunt to be successful is second to none. The guides are exceptional and follow the same principals as Jonah for going the extra mile to make your hunt a memorable experience. I would recommend anyone looking for a sheep, grizzly, or brown bear hunt to contact Jonah and enjoy the hunt of a lifetime!”

Matt Clyde

Sheep, Grizzly, Brown Bear Hunts

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