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We specialize in fully guided fair chase dall sheep, brown bear, grizzly bear, and black bear hunts throughout Alaska.  Whether you are looking to take your kids on their first black bear hunt, or like myself are a bow hunter on a quest for your North American "SUPERSLAM." We would love to be your Alaska step of the way!

Bowhunting is my passion!  At Jonah's Alaskan Outfitters you will not have to worry about how you will be treated as a bow hunter.  All of our guides are accomplished bow hunters and are committed to your success!  By Alaska law all of our bow hunts require you to have an (IBEP) card.

Spring Brown Bear Hunts: Our spring Brown Bear hunts are done in April and are an experience you won't soon forget.  We conduct our hunts out of cabins and tent camps and hunt bears as they are coming out of their winter dens. We utilize aircraft, snowmobiles, and snowshoes, and cover many miles in search of prime spring bears. This hunt is physically demanding but usually has very high success rates for rifle hunters and generally produces the largest bears.  23 of 25 of our last hunters on this hunt have harvested bears! 

New Baited Brown Bear Hunts: New for the 2014 season ADF&G has allowed for the first time in history the hunting of brown bears over bait stations in certain units of the state.  This hunt has turned out far better than many people have expected and is by far the best way for a bow hunter to harvest a P&Y brown bear!  Several of our hunters have harvested multiple P&Y brown and black bears in the same week!   One of the  brown bears we harvested in 2014 was the top bear for the P&Y recording period!  If you have ever dreamed of harvesting one of Alaskas giant coastal brown bears with a bow there has never been a better time than right now!

Dall Sheep Hunts: At Jonah's Alaskan Outfitters we offer both rifle and archery dall sheep hunts.  Our rifle hunters are typically 100% successful with many hunters taking grizzly bears as well.  Most bow hunters have had multiple stalks on rams and grizzly bears but success rates are lower.  All of our dall sheep hunts are backpack hunts, however we generally use aircraft to get to the area we intend to hunt.  The last 42 rams we have taken have AVERAGED 9 years old!  

Grizzly Bear Hunts: I recommend all sheep hunters interested in a true interior grizzly to purchase a grizzly bear license in addition to their sheep license.  This allows you to hunt grizzly at no additional charge unless you harvest a grizzly.  We also offer fall grizzly hunts on a limited basis.  If you are looking for a true "Arctic Grizzly" this is the hunt for you!

Summer Brown Bear Hunts: Our summer brown bear hunts take place in July when bears are heavily concentrated along salmon streams and grass flats.  Hunters generally have multiple opportunities on bears and this is a great time of year for bow hunting bears as they are preoccupied on feeding and we have 24 hours of daylight.  This hunt has been 100% opportunity the last five seasons with one bow hunter finishing his Archery "SUPERSLAM" On this hunt. 

Black Bear Hunts: Black bear can be added to any of our hunts on a trophy fee basis as long as the proper tags have been purchased before your hunt.  We also take a few hunters every year specifically for black bear on an individual basis.  These hunts run 100% success.